playlistSunday 4th May 2014

Phew !!!….the countdown to the first Irish Music Show was exciting and the first hour of it was, for me, pretty manic for a number of reasons. Anyway thats the first one done and I LOVED IT….Felt so good to be back playing Irish bands again and getting such a positive reaction….better than any medicine ! Here’s what was played …………..

7pm -8pm

1. Glór – The Riptide Movement
2. Its Not Love – Sal Vitro
3. Karaoke Queen – Wasps V Noise
4. Lions, Tigers,Bears – Heathers
5. Animal – Toy Soldiers
6. Outta Sight – Kodakid
7. Watching Over You – Elevation Falls
8. Tina – Vann Music
9. Chewing On MY Sleeve – We Are Aerials
10.Hellfire Club – Imelda May

8pm -9pm

1. Heart of the City – The Strypes
2. All of the Way – Audio Fires
3. So I Can Remember – Handsome Handsome
4. Get What You Give – Mick Flannery
5. Roisín Dubh (Black Rose) Thin Lizzy
6. It’s Only Money – Thin Lizzy
7. Sweet Harmony – The Beau Motives
8. Do You Really Want Me? – Children Of The Son
9. Animal – dREA
10.New Age of Innocence – The Dead Heavys

9pm – 10pm

1. You and I – The Riptide Movement
2. Holy Fool – O Emperor
3. To Late for Hallelujah – Aslan
4. Hey You – We Were Giants
5. One In Every Town – Paul Ashford (A to Z of Irish Music)
6. Run With Me – Nicole Maguire
7. Inspired By You – Christine Deady
8. Illuminate – Hamsandwich
9. 15 Days – The Beau Motives
10. Stitch Yourself – Little Matador

Also included were interviews wth Billy McGuinness of Aslan and also Roisin Dwyer of Hotpress magazine

What do you think? Feedback welcome. Use the form below and……thanks


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