IMS The Playlist – Sunday 11th May 2014


Sunday 11th May 2014

The featured album this week was KINGDOM by HEATHERS


7pm – 8pm

1. Circular Road – Heathers
2. The Believer – Cat Dowling
3.13thFloor-Friends of Emmet
4.Woven – Ian O’Doherty
5.Illuminate – Hamsandwich
6.Shake Skin –Kodakid
7.Get What You Give – Mick Flannery
8.Work Song – Hozier
9.She Gunk Gunk Dunk A Funk – Zaska
10.Hello – Picturehouse
11.I Like The Sound of It – Deadbeat Circus

8pm – 9pm

1. Underground Beneath – Heathers
2. You and I – Foy Vance
3.And So It Began – Morrissey and Marshall
4.Fight or Fall – Thin Lizzy
5.A Night in the Life of a Blues Singer – Thin Lizzy
6.Blue – We Cut Corners
7.By Your side – Buffalo Sunn
8.The wayward Shepard – Marc O’Reilly
9.Ashes – The Hard Ground

9pm – 10pm

1.The Third Rail – Heathers
2.Tina – Vann Music
3.Robot Song – the Radioactive Grandma
4.Uptight – The Dead Heavys
5.The Bride Wore White – The Blades ** A- Z of Irish for more info
6.Sick As Me – Sal Vitro
7-Fooled You Once – Track Dogs
8.When You Become Stardust T00 – Shay Healy
9.Rock n Roll Kids – No Monster Club
10.Animal-Toy Soldier

Any thoughts on the songs/artists ?  Please feel free to fill out the form below







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