IMS Playlist 18th May 2014

playlistFeatured album
Human Herding – Marc O’Reilly

7pm -8pm

1.Reach Out -Marc O’Reilly
2.Lonely Like Me – The Deans
3.By Your Side – Buffalo Sunn
4.Walk A Mile – Paul Byrne
5.I Got You – Paul Byrne
6.Now You Are Gone – Paul Byrne
7.Your Love is Heaven – Paul Byrne
8.No Fixed Destination – Paul Byrne

Paul Byrne was in studio live.
He is ex In Tua Nua now with a solo album release.
This video is “as is”. Recorded on a regular domestic digital camera

8pm – 9pm

1.The Wayward Shepard – Marc O’Reilly
2.Black Mountain Blues – High Society
3.Dancing With The Devil – The Dead Pesidents
4.The Shifting Ground – Tupelo
5.Maze of Your Heart – Cormac O’Caoimh
6.13th Floor – Friends of Emmet
7.You and I – The Riptide Movement
8.Sugar Blues – Thin Lizzy
9.Randolph’s Tango – Thin Lizzy
10.True North – Corner Boy
11.Chakra Eyes – Big September
12. On The Level – The Phoenix Departure
13.Sometimes – Propeller Palms

9pm – 10pm

1.Bleed – Marc O’Reilly
2.Forget Me Knots – Heathers
3.A Sailing Song – Rackhouse Pilfer
4.The bridge – Cactus World News
5.How You Remind Me – Maria Doyle Kennedy
6.Hello – PictureHouse
7.Belles and Beaux – the Hard Ground
8.King of the Fairies – Horslips
9.Hijack – Fox jaw






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