IMS – Playlist Sunday 14th June 2015



In studio: Johnny Rayge

Last Hour – Rory Gallagher 20th Anniversary Special

7pm – 8pm

1. Cisco – Mundy
2. Her Alibi – CC Brez
3. Uncharted  Sea – Johnny Rayge
4. Johnny Rayge LIVE – Be My Ground
5. Johnny Rayge LIVE – Need
6. Love Making Love – Johnny Rayge
7. You Say a The Same Thing Twice – The Drays

8pm – 9pm

1. Life Goes On – Colin Deady
2.Joey Had To Fly – Dave Morrissey – released 20th June 
3. Palomino – Gemma Hayes
4. Roll The Dice – Luan Parle
5. May You Be – Elevation Falls
6. Why Wait – The Sydney Garrison
7. Gold Bars In The Sun – Declan O’Rourke
8. Everything I Am is Yours – Villagers
9. Breakout – State Lights
10. Disintegrate – My Violet
11. New World – Fallen Lights

9pm – 10pm
20th Anniversary – One hour special – Rory Gallagher

Rory literally played until he dropped, after collapsing onstage in Rotterdam in January 1995, he was hospitalised in London with liver failure. Following a successful transplant operation he seemed to be recovering, but he caught an infection and died on 14th June 1995. Rory Gallagher died too young with much still to achieve and offer but the wealth and quality of the material he produced in his lifetime insures his ever questing, hungry spirit lives on.


  1. Messing With The Kid – Rory Gallagher
  2. Bullfrog Blues –  Rory Gallagher
  3. Going to My Hometown –  Rory Gallagher
  4. Barley & Grape Rag – Rory Gallagher/Dubliners
  5. Who’s That Coming – Rory Gallagher
  6. Brute Force & Ignorance – Rory Gallagher
  7. Cruise On Out  – Rory Gallagher
  8. Philby – Rory Gallagher
  9. Cradle Rock – Rory Gallagher
  10. Shadow Play – Rory Gallagher

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