iMS Playlist Sunday 26th July 2015





Playlist Sunday 26th July 2015

8pm – 9pm

  1. Jokes On Me – The Plan**
  2. New Beginning  – Lennoko
  3. Life Goes On – Colin Deady
  4. Time on My Side – Colin Deady LIVE
  5. Chapel Street – Colin Deady LIVE
  6. Things I Love The Most – Colin Deady
  7. Twisted Fate- The Plan**
  8. Sick As Me – Sal Vitro

9pm – 10pm

  1. Your Old Friend – The Plan**
  2. Heaven Is here – Zrazy
  3. Everything To Me – Shaz
  4. Gonna Get Me a Gun – Buzzymonkeys
  5. Under The Sun – Highwall
  6. The Chosen Few  – Red Empire
  7. A Good Nights Sleep & A Cab Fare Home – The Strypes
  8. Waving At Magpies – Falldogs


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