Mary Black / Kila / Rue De La Coupe 19th September 2015 – Curraghmore Estate, Portlaw.

Mary Black / Kila / Rue De La Coupe

19th September – Curraghmore Estate, Portlaw.


There are times when you know that everything is going to work just perfectly.

Walking through the gates of the magnificent Curraghmore Estate in Portlaw to attend the inaugural concert as part of the Comeraghs Wild festival, you could not help but feel that this was going to be something special, not just on this night but for future musical events.

The decision to open the grounds to such an event was a brave one and I am sure a nervous one initially. Any fears would have quickly dissipated as the large audience, estimated at around 2,000, began to arrive.

Rue De La Coupe had the honour of welcoming people with their perfect mix of well known songs, all of which were delivered in fine style and which set the tone for the night ahead.

As the sun began to set over the historic home of the 9th Marquis of Waterford, a slew of hot air balloons could be rising from behind this incredible building into the blue still skies, adding to the already special atmosphere.

Shortly afterwards Kíla from Dublin, playing their unique fusion of Irish and Eastern European music took to the stage and upped the tempo even further for the next hour and a half. The party mood was now in full swing.

Incidentally, Rónan Ó’Snodaigh, the singer with Kíla, will perform in his own right in St. Patrick’s Gateway in Waterford on the 10th October, tickets from MOMO on Patrick’s Street.

Finally, Mary Black, the headline act, showed the audience why she has remained one of Ireland’s much-loved female singers. Working her way through her vast catalogue, including ‘Katie, A Woman’s Heart and Carolina Rua”, Mary soon had the happy audience in the palm of her hand. For this observer, the magic moment of the evening came when she and her excellent band launched into ’Straight as a Dye’, giving band members their own moment in the spotlight. With the backdrop of Curraghmore House, awash in coloured light, a content audience and amazing music, the potential for this place to be an amazing venue for future concerts was plain for all to see and indeed hear.

Mary Black

The organisers got it spot on and if they replicate it again next year, there is no reason why Curraghmore House could be a venue to be reckoned with. Lord Waterford and the all the team responsible can take a bow on a job well done.

This concert was the showpiece of the annual Comeraghs Wild Festival and a brave step forward for all concerned

……….Roddie Cleere for Waterford In Your Pocket



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