iMS – Playlist Sunday 27th September 2015

playlist5Sunday 27th September 2015

8pm – 9pm

1 Machu Pichu Scott Maher**
2 Melody Penrose
3 Call & Rescue Admission
4 Go Pleasure Beach
5 The Rest of the Night Stephen Robinson
6 Oh Julia Liam Merriman
7 Two Wrongs Susan O’Neill
8 Crazy for You Nella
9 Let us be Heroes Chris Haze
10 Feel It Otherkin
11 Tip Toe Scott Maher**
12 Lost The Empire

9pm – 10pm

1 Butterfly Scott Maher
2 Four in The Morning In Their Thousands
3 Take It Back Stillroom
4 I Want My Baby Back The Winters
5 Under Fire We the People
6 Fragile Heart Jem Mitchel
7 You’re My Fix Monster Monster
8 Southbound Propeller Palms
9 Jazz Cillian Foster
10 Alive Skyfever
11 Kaleidoscope Brass Phantoms
12  The Skys Alive  Davie Furry
 13  Down By Your Side  Men of Twenty

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