Snowflakes Fall – James Cramer & Eleanor McEvoy [Official Music Video]

Snowflakes Fall is the stunning Christmas single from James & Eleanor.
With a beautiful arrangement and rich vocals, it’s the perfect song to warm a crisp winters day.

James Cramer is an artist with numerous strings to his bow, primarily as the lead singer and songwriter for Irish alt-folk band Tupelo. The band have released two albums, Dirty Money and Push On, to critical acclaim, played many shows and festivals around Europe and enthralled audiences with their rosuing live performances. James is also a solo artist of note with one mini-concept album under his belt inspired by a pre-war Irish poet. James debut solo album is due for release early in 2016 and promises to be particularly special with lead single mixed by Peter Katis (The National, Interpol, Jonsi).

Eleanor McEvoy is one of Ireland’s most accomplished award winning contemporary singer-songwriters. She composed the early 90’s song “Only A Woman’s Heart”, the title track of A Woman’s Heart, one of the best selling Irish albums of all-time. A few days before A Woman’s Heart was released, Tom Zutaut an A&R from Geffen, who had previously signed Guns & Roses and Motley Crue offered McEvoy a worldwide deal after watching her perform at in Dublin. Eleanor has sold out tours around the world at various points in her varied career collaborating with folk, jazz and rock artists on numerous occasions. The Snowflakes Fall project occured following the recording of Eleanor’s 11th studio album release, entitled “Stuff”.

‘Cramer has created a warm, rich folk-roots record  where the only disappointment is that it’s too short. He’s made the world a little bit better by sharing his love of this unknown treasure.’
RTE ten – Harry Guerin

‘It is a testament to Cramer’s talent, the way in which he can take someone’s already beautiful work and make it more entrancing.’ – music blog

‘Delivered with passion and feeling.’ – music blog

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