The Co-Present Christmas CD

The Co-Present

The Co-Present is an online alternative Irish music Radio show and podcast. Hosted by Dwayne Woods with sound by Gav Hennessy the show has been broadcast weekly on, based in the heart of Dublin’s City centre, since November 2013. After working as a music journalist for the Irish Daily Star, Woods felt there was a massive void in Irish radio that could easily be filled with music from around the country that had an alternative edge. Completely unfunded and without sponsorship, The Co-Present has grown to represent the fruits of Irish music in a time where  musicians struggle to get airplay.

‘A Co-Present Christmas’ compilation is aimed at higlighting the end of an amazing year for Irish music, in hope that Ireland”s mainstream radio stations will pick up on the festive tracks and support Irish music by adding the songs to their playlists over the Christmas period. We have selected some of Ireland’s top musicians to contribute their Christmas Songs for a free online album and hope everyone will enjoy it as much as we all do. Featuring artists: Shell Dooley, Vyvienne  Long, Laura Ann Brady, Blades Club , Mark Geary and Glen Hansard, Sleep Thieves, Tenro, Jack O’Rourke, Goldfish Syndrome, Gar Cox, Grainne Hunt, I am Niamh, Monster Monster and Thumper have all contributed some Christmas Cover versions, Christmas themed tracks and some original Christmas Material.

You can access ‘A Co-Present Christmas’ Compliation here


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