M.i.X – Music Industry Xplained 2016

16526920_MIX-460Hotpress Magazine are gearing up for the 2016 MIX (Music Industry Xplained) course. Featuring guest lecturers from the heavyweights of the Irish music industry, it’s aimed at those who want to succeed in music, management, media, publicity, promotion, publishing, record labels – and lots more.

Enrolment is underway – get in there while you can! – but in the meantime, here are Five Key Things To Know about the music industry.

You Will Get Rejected

You won’t always secure every gig you go after, get your song spun endlessly on the radio or land a record deal right away – but that’s ok. You can’t avoid rejection: it is fundamental to the way the business works. What you need to know is how to learn from the experience.

You Need To Know How To Network

The music business is built on relationships. Alright there are exceptions, where people have made successful music locked in a room. But those odd exceptions aside, if you want to make an impression, you need to get out there and make yourself visible. Yes, you might be hugely talented – whether as a musician or a back-room operator – but that is no guarantee of success. Meet people, go to events and you’ll start to understand better how to play the game.

Mentors Are Invaluable

Having someone to call on for advice, who already has experience under his or her belt, is a great way to gain some traction in the biz. In the music and entertainment industry, perception counts – and so many of your opportunities will come from who you know. Aligning yourself with the right people from the word go can make a hell of a difference in the long run, you just need to know how to find them.

Nobody Owes You Anything

If you find yourself in a situation with amazing networking opportunities, great – grab it with both hands! Promote yourself, make contacts, connect with people. But remember, nobody owes you anything. Don’t turn up to an event with an attitude and definitely don’t get rude if you don’t get the response you were hoping for. Which brings us on to the next point..

Arseholes Rarely Prosper

It is probably the simplest tip for anyone aspiring to make an impression in the music industry. Occasionally, what an artist has to offer can be so unignorable and so compelling that the fact that his or her manager behaves like a prima donna can be overcome. But there is no cost to being nice. Remember, it’s a close-knit business and word spreads fast if you are a regular pain in the arse.

Get the full MIX (Music Industry Xplained) lowdown at hotpress.com/mix

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