Does Anybody Love You- Aine Duffy

“There’s something fantastically refreshing about west Cork native Áine Duffy ” (JAMES HENDICOT NME / THE GUARDIAN)

“A powerful yet angelic voice” (THE DAILY STAR)


“Flirting with rock, funk, soul, it’s topped off with the multi- instrumentalist’s unmistakable, scale-busting croon” (HOT PRESS)
Áine Duffy was born in Bandon west Cork and now situated in Kinsale Co. Cork. She is motivated, passionate, and critically acclaimed throughout the major Radio / Press and TV of her native Ireland.

Aine began playing music live at the age of 15, then she studied in Music management and sound, she travelled internationally performing in New York, LA, London, Toronto, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Dubai and Switzerland. So impressed with her were the local musicians in Switzerland that they presented her with two Patrick Eggle guitars and then flew her to perform in the Partick Eggle factory in Oswestry Birmingham for the factory workers, Partick Eggle himself and his family.

She was invited to NYC to record with Roger Greenawalt (Bruce springfield,Sophie B Hawkins) and from there built a big following, by keeping true to her own accent, style and sound.

Throughout this time Áine has also been an advocate for bettering the life of musicians in Ireland, helping with music industry advice, attending events, schmoozing US ambassadors and more.

Aine has recently bagged herself two licensing deals and continues a ferocious festival and touring schedule. Throughout the summer of 2015 touring previous album “With Bells On” she played a wealth of amazing spaces, from double Decker buses to Festivals to Private parties, and developed even more of a cult following.

She recently featured and co-wrote Dirty Freud’s new track “Won’t go” , and her lastvideo was nominated for two best music video awards at The Underground film festival and Pure M Magazine.

Her new material will be mastered by Emily Lazar , Grammy award winning engineer. (David Bowie, the prodigy, Bjork,Coldplay, Sia, The Foo fighters)


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