iMS Playlist Sunday 17th April 2016

In studio: Nicole Maguire

Featured album/EP ** : Serenity Sessions – Track Dogs

Sunday 17th April 2016

8pm – 9pm

1 Our Last Breath Red Moon Bayonets April2 T5
2 Give It Up Roisin O April 2 T2
3 Any Minute Now Nicole Maguire
4 Wishing Well Nicole Maguire Live
5 Hummingbird Nicole Maguire Live
6 That’s When You Know Nicole Maguire
7 //////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////
8 //////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////
9 //////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////
10 //////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////
11 Imagery JD Kelleher


9pm – 10pm

1 So Much Dust Track Dogs**
2 To The End Track Dogs**
3 Ooh La La Track Dogs**
4 Gentle Kind of Lies Barq
5 Tenderly Joey Ryan (5th June – studio)
6 Here All Day Rufus Coates
7 Trophy Wife Slow Riot – Limerick
8 Speak No Evil Peter M Smith
9 Decisions Decisions Dermot Barrett
10 Believe Lore – new ep
11 The Magician (ep) Paul McCann
12 Got to Go Zaska

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