iMS Playlist Sunday 15th May 2016


In studio: Peco

Featured album/EP: Exit:Pursued By a Bear

Sunday 15th May 2016

8pm – 9pm

1 I Gotta Go Benny White/The Prowlers
2 Rockstar Peter M. Smith




In Studio:



3 Safe Haven
4 Grace Isn’t Easy – Live
5 Wild Wild Wind – Live
6 Harbour Master
7 Could U Be Mine Corrine Jaye May3 T2
8 November Heathers (Johns Priory – 23rdJuly sessions) (s)


9pm – 10pm

1 Rabbit With Hat

Featured album:

Exit:Pursued by a Bear

‘Exit:Pursued by a Bear II’

2 Phised

Your Mother is a Witch                            

4 Leave the Light On Kolumbus (S)
5 Move WOB! May3 T9
6 Bullet Head Fangclub (S)
7 Bang! Glimmerman May3 T4
8 Scarity Dan King Kong Company (File) 29th May in studio
9 Coldhand Galway – My Fellow Sponges May3 T6
10 Its Only Love Pine The Pilcrow (S)
11 Pleasure Evidence (Feat. Ken Lally) Peter Vogelaar – The Science Of Summer Electronic – Album May 3 T8
12 High Octane Girl The Henry Girl
13 The Boys are Back in Town The High Kings

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