iMS Playlist Sunday 17th July 2016

In studio: no guest

Featured EP: ‘Songs for the Tempted’– Carole Hollywood x 3

Sunday 17th July 2016


8pm – 9pm

1 Get It Back White Boys  
2 Stages The Frank &Walters  
3 Storm Chaser – Paul McDonnell (Dublin)  



4 Automatic – Oski Brave July2 T3  
5 Monster – Mongrel State July3 T6  
6 Bend With The Wind – ExMagician July1 T6  
7 Left Hand Free(Don’t Let Go) Wyvern Lingo  
8 The Pattern Cathy Davey  
9 You Will Never Know Propeller Palms  
10 Love Me Hold Me Danielle Morgan  
11 Say Kaara (File)  
12 Big Strong Man Amanda St. John (Grow EP)  
13 Lucky Pete Fagan (Album)  


9pm – 10pm

1 Seven

Featured EP:

Songs for the Tempted

Carole Hollywood

2 Let’s Tempt Fate  
3 Alone at the Top  
4 Alexx Aaron Finn  
5 Mixtape 2003 The Academic  
6 I Want To Live In Norway Aoibhin Redmond  
7 Stand Down Morrissey and Marshall  
8 Ten Miles High Roisin Murphy  
9 Trouble New Valley Wolves  
10 We Met At A Party Apella  
11 Fear My Odds Small Town Crisis  
12 That Thing You Love Barq  
13 Feeling Numb Project Dust  
14 Change Wallis Bird

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