Heroes In Hiding ‘FundIt Campaign’ for never seen before (On Irish Soil) Audio Visual show

The Idea

This year our aim is to create a show that is entirely unique to the Irish music scene from which to launch our upcoming record.

Entitled Curtains, the project is a live physical and visual representation of a collection of songs. We invite you to experience a space where the boundary between the eye and the ear becomes blurred, and the barrier between the band and the audience becomes skewed.

Four walls line the edge of a square: you are invited to enter. Images are projected on all four sides. Your eyes turn to follow, your ears always alert.

We will toy with your senses and pick at your emotions so that you leave with something more than just a ticket stub. For as long as we have been together on stage it has always been us telling you the story. This time around we want you to be a part of the story.

This the link


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