iMS Playlist Sunday 16th October 2016

Roddie Cleere’s Irish Music Show

In studio: Duende Dogs

Featured album/EP: Swords – Tidal Waves

Sunday 15th October 2016


8pm – 9pm

1 Right Around Now Propeller Palms  
2 Miss You In The Dark Rews Oct2 T3  
3 Deep River Fast Heart

In Studio:

Duende Dogs

4 Faith Hope and Charity LIVE  
5 A Mothers Love – LIVE  
6 Idiots Rule  
10 Of Nothing (*Morality Morality) Marc O’Reilly Oct2 T4  
11 Fool for your Love Rofi James Oct2 T1  
12 Mandinka We Cut Corners  


9pm – 10pm

1 Tidal Waves

Feat album:

Tidal Waves


2 Who Took Your Soul  
3 Sixty Thousand Years  
4 Misunderstood D-Days Oct1 T2  
5 Crazy Child Friends of Emmet Oct1 T4  
6 Love and Be Loved Morrisey & Marshall Oct2 T2  
7 True North Raglans Sept3 T5  
8 One of the Good Ones Mick Flannery Oct2 T5  
9 Absent Minds Slow Riot Oct1 T8  
10 Queen of the Con Ruth Oct2 T6  
11 Freight Train Pauly Fagan Sept3 T3  
12 The Fear She Speaks Oct2 T7  
13 Wah Wah The Bionic Rats  
14 Rockstar Peter M.Smith

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