‘SIIGHTS’ are a pop music duo made up of members Mia Fitz from Dublin, Ireland and Toni Etherson from Glasgow, Scotland.
The first track from the duo titled ‘DANCE’ will see its debut via an accompanying music video in November 2016.

siightsThe music video for ‘DANCE’ is centred around the importance of self expression
and the motivational concept of finding the courage to follow your dreams.
Stressing that its not about being the best at something its about having the courage to try.
We captured different people around the US sharing their thoughts on living a happy life.

The Pair are both songwriters and vocalists and independently come from interesting musical backgrounds. Mia, also being a producer and multi – instrumentalist has just come off a 2 year world tour playing with recording artist HOZIER and Toni recently penning two tracks on a UK Itunes #3 charting album with radio support from BBCRadio1, Capitol & KISS FM to name but a few.

‘SIIGHTS’ initially began their journey in summer 2016 hidden in a house studio in LA writing tracks for other artists. It was then they decided to focus their energy on developing their own unique sound at which point ‘SIIGHTS’ was formed!
One of their first tracks is a ‘collab’ with Dutch DJ Sir Felix which quickly caught the attention of Armada Music who promptly offered to sign it for its debut release.

With Mia playing all the live instruments on their tracks in the studio,
The pair stress how important incorporating live instruments into their sound is to them.
Their track ‘Dance’ features hints of old school funk sounding guitar riffs with an accompanying gritty funk bass hook influenced by legendary players like the late Bernard Edwards.
Bringing this fusion of live instruments with a more programmed sound ‘siights’ have formed their own ‘hooky’ unique brand of pop music.

“ A new duo who are on their way to the top” –


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