iMS – Playlist 18th December 2016

An iMS Green Christmas fdd9e78cf5ca2d081b4580222ced5a84

Sunday 18th December 2016


8pm – 9pm

1 A Merry Jingle The Greedies  
2 Working At Christmas Paul Brady  
3 My Christmas Baby Pearse Halpin  
4 Another Lonely Xmas Song Stillroom  
5 Christmas Day David Hope  
6 Shooting Stars Tommy Keyes  
7 Christmastime Friends of Emmet  
8 Blue Christmas Preachers Son  
9 How Christmas Was Meant to Be Track Dogs  
10 Santa Claus is Rockin’ Bradly Gillis  
11 Driving Home For Christmas Keith Harkin  
12 You Know Its Christmas Kolumbus & West Wicklow Voices  
13 Happy Christmas 22 Blink  


9pm – 10pm



Tinsel & Marzipan Pugwash  
2 Power of Love Cronin  
3 Performers Karrie O’Sullivan  
4 Merry Christmas Baby The Stunning  
5 This Christmastime Ben Reel  
6 Christmas In Liverpool Monster Monster  
7 Walking In The Air In The Willows  
8 On New Years Day Colin Devlin  
9 Snowflakes Fall Eleanor McEvoy&James Cramer  
10 Someone To Bring Home for Christmas The Blizzards  
11 Christmastime The Shoos  
12 Mr. Snowman The Henry Girls  
13 Merry Christmas My Love David Hopkins

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