Kilkenny woman is putting on a two day festival of Irish music in London

Mary Grammer is 23 and from  Kilkenny in Ireland who is currently working and living in London.

She has decided to put become a concert promoter and put on ambitious two day event featuring Irish musicians in London on March 3rd and 4th this year.

Emerald Sounds is a two-day festival of Irish music in Camden’s Electric Ballroom, it will feature an impressive Irish music lineup

The Blizzards, Heathers, Rubberbandits,
The Riptide Movement, Paddy Casey,
Craig Gallagher, Ryan Sheridan, and Elm.

Tickets for the event are available through the Electric Ballroom website

Grammer Music presents Emerald Sounds. This is an Irish music festival bringing some of the biggest names in Irish music from the Emerald Isle to London city. On the 3rd and 4th of March, there will be a gathering of Irish musicians under one roof that showcases the diverse range of musical genres at the forefront of the Irish music scene.

While traditional folk music is deep-rooted in Irish culture, this festival demonstrates that the roots of Irish music have evolved from its Celtic origins to embody more modern sounds while still retaining the echoes of its melodious past. Emerald Sounds will be launching its premier year in Camden and will be housed in the iconic music venue that is Electric Ballroom. Not only an iconic music venue, Electric Ballroom is a venue of historic meaning to Irish artists where it has staged numerous Irish bands and singers since it’s opening in the 1930’s. As the Irish value their traditions, it is in Electric Ballroom that Ireland’s contemporary artists will follow in the footsteps of their musical predecessors to bring Ireland home to the Irish in London.

Where Camden was once an Irish stronghold, Emerald Sounds will not only maintain the Irish presence in Camden but continue to provide a musical platform that allows the voices of Ireland’s talent to be heard.

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