Clare Sands- Join Me At The Table- Official Music Video

Cork based musician Clare Sands found a love for music very early in life having discovered an affinity for the fiddle at a young age. Since then, she has expanded her skillset to make herself a formidable classically trained multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer and songwriter.

With deep roots in Irish Traditional and folk music, Clare’s music has emanated from these family traditions. Combined with her love of jazz and blues, Clare shows a heavy appreciation for everything from The Rolling Stones and Nina Simone, to Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan. Her style is free and natural as she blazes down a path of feisty fusion.

Having released her album Join Me at the Table in October 2016, Clare’s first single ‘Satisfy Me’ was met with critical acclaim. She is now set to release the title track ‘Join Me At The Table’ as her forthcoming single.

A moody tribute to long, debaucherous musical nights on returning home from an expansive journey, ‘Join Me At The Table’ demonstrates Clare’s unique ability to seamlessly blend folk, jazz and blues, while her alluring voice ebbs and flows throughout the piece.

Having taken her music on the road, Clare has found herself performing everywhere from the metropolitan paradise of Manhattan, to Mexico’s sunny beaches. As well as playing to a sold out venue for her album launch in Cork City, Clare spent last autumn touring alongside Luka Bloom on his nationwide tour, as well as playing London’s iconic ‘Nells Jazz & Blues’ as special guest to Mary Coughlan. She continues to perform in venues around Ireland, supporting Mick Flannery in the Seamus Ennis Theatre on March 25th, as well as playing a show this April 30th in Cork Opera House, alongside some renowned Irish musicians.

‘The songs, the voice, the guitar playing; all happening at a very high level. Clare wears her rebel heart on her sleeve as well as her tongue. The future is very bright’

Luka Bloom

‘Clare Sands has forged a fantastically feisty fusion of folk, jazz and trad that

simultaneously soothes and excites as it unfolds.’

Pure M Magazine

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