R.S.A.G. Promises to ‘Meet You There’ with New Single

Available across all platforms April 28th

Jeremy Hickey a.k.a. Rarely Seen Above Ground is back with a new single, the sonic morphing and cinematic ‘Meet You There’. Inspired by the work of scientists attempting to understand the composition of black holes, ‘Meet You There’ journeys relentlessly towards an answer, pausing for a half beat before Bonhamesque triplets relaunch the mission.

A fanfare of synthesized horns begins and ends ‘Meet You There’ with a power that composers Copland or Strauss would have approved. At the helm of this solo trip across the spectrum to the event horizon are the drums, guided by the human hands of Hickey and underpinned by his repeated promise to “meet you there”.

In his onstage vocal and drum performances, R.S.A.G. is set apart from his contemporaries. Combining frenzy with serenity, this human fuelled energy also forms the core of his records. The kaleidoscopic visuals in the video for ‘Meet You There’ are created by long-time R.S.A.G. collaborator Paul Mahon a.k.a Geppetto.

‘Meet You There’ is released April 28th 2017 across all platforms.

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