Sun.Set.Ships – Song For Brothers [Official Video]

Monaghan’s Electro-indie outfit Sun.Set.Ships have now released a video for one of the stand out tracks from the EP ‘Song For Brothers’

The video was created by Canadian film maker Johnny Diensthuber who had became a huge fan of the trio back in Toronto. Johnny moved to Ireland for a few months and met up with the lads to put together this very touching piece to his favourite Sun.Set.Ships song. The video was assistant directed by Monaghan man & friend of the bands Gabe Murphy.

The video itself is very touching much like the song itself, Ciaran Curley the guitarist from the band takes the lead role as an almost scrooge like character wandering through the streets reminiscing on mistakes made in his past. The entire video has been shot in the Monaghan area with great contrast between the town itself and the bog lands on the outskirts of the county. They have combined these shots with a live performance of the band performing the song in a derelict church with the early morning sun beaming down on them. The other two band members Conor Bellew &

Ryan Mulligan also feature in the video as they meet up with Ciaran at the end and seem to go on some sort of adventure to get to this Church where they inevitably recorded the live video looping the viewer back to the start.

So far in 2017 Sun.Set.Ships featured at Whelan’s ‘Ones to Watch’ festival as well as selling out the same venue for their own headline gig the following week. They are currently preparing themselves for the festival season and working on a host of new songs.

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