Deep Sky Objects – Bones


Deep Sky Objects are a three-piece alternative-rock band from Kerry, Ireland. The band members include brothers Kevin O’Brien (lead vocals, guitar), Thomas O’Brien (drums and backing vocals) and DD Foley (bass guitar and backing vocals). Deep Sky Objects stemmed from a shared mutual interest in groups such as The Smiths, Interpol and Radiohead.

In late 2014 the band collectively began to record in Kevin’s makeshift home studio. With the completion of five tracks the band mixed their material at ‘Sonas Studios’ in Killarney, which has previously hosted artists such as Dolores O’Riordan from ‘The Cranberries’ and ‘Walking On Cars’. The tracks were then mastered by Ruairi O’Flaherty in Los Angeles who recently worked with former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash. Released in June 2015, ‘We’re Done Falling’ is Deep Sky Objects’ debut EP and received great feedback from fans and reviewers.

Following an appearance at ‘Whelan’s Ones to Watch 2017’, the band began recording their self-titled EP ‘Deep Sky Objects’ in WhiteWell Studios, Cork. The band found their rhythm in the studio and knocked-out five new tracks to be released monthly in 2017. The tracks are recorded and mixed by Ciaran O’Shea who has worked with acts like Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) and The Frank and Walters. ‘Deep Sky Objects’ was also mastered by Fergal Davis who has previously worked with artists such as Muse and Sinead O’Connor. The band are set to tour around Ireland and the UK later in the year to promote the new releases.

DD’s infectious bass lines are the core of Deep Sky Objects’ songs with drummer Thomas claiming them to be “the driving force behind ‘We’re Done Falling’”. Kevin’s unique voice provides a dynamic to the band’s sound which adds to Deep Sky Objects’ distinction. These aspects along with Thomas’ rhythmic percussion and energy creates a defining sound.

“Deep Sky Objects’ main agenda is simple. We wish to create music that is meaningful to us and resonates with our fans”. – Thomas, DSO

“This is the music that we could never find and when we first rehearsed together we felt compelled to share it with others”. – Kevin, DSO

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