Rusangano Family – I Know You Know

The new single was recorded in Clare with Bob Gallagher coming on board to direct the video.

This is the band’s first release since winning this year’s RTE Choice Music Prize for their 2016 debut album Let The Dead Bury The Dead. It is out now on Spotify, iTunes and many more.

“The track is about how we all face various challenges in life, and our inability to speak about these issues. In one sense, it’s about opening up and engaging in conversation”.

The single was launched on Wednesday in D-Light Studios with a screening of the video, spoken word performances from MuRli and God Knows, a DJ set from mynameisjOhn and a talk by Blindboy Boatclub on mental health in Ireland.

Rusangano Family are – MuRli, God Knows and mynameisjOhn.


“We wanted to do something special around the release, and knew that a strong visual aspect was important. James Kirwan kindly got on board and supplied some artwork. We reached out to our friend Bob Gallagher and asked if he would work with us on a video. Bob had some exciting ideas and decided to walk from Dublin to Limerick to chat to us about them”.

Fresh from a rigorous workshop with filmmaker Werner Herzog in Cuba director Bob Gallagher undertook a journey on foot from Dublin to Limerick, conducting interviews and seeking participants.

“I wanted to perform an open- heart surgery of the land. Werner kept re-iterating the phrase ‘the world somehow reveals itself to those who travel long distances on foot” so I wanted to test that for myself. The core of the project is about engaging in conversation, and addressing things that are uncomfortable to say, but shouldn’t be. Truth should be freeing, not bound by fear or stigma. What started out with the goal of being more open about mental health on a personal level has expanded to include a lot of people who were willing to join in that conversation, which has been very inspiring.

It made sense that we would create a video and put on event that brings people together to think, talk and open up. Our ambition with this is that the conversation has a life beyond the video and the event. It should be a starting point and not a conclusion”.

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