Order of the Mess – Touch my Soul (Official Video)

ORDER OF THE MESS is a Cork (Ireland) Rock Stoner power duo band, which was formed in 2013, after Alex Vinci (The Last Vinci/No Conventional Sound) and Max Calo’ (Minerva) had first met. Both came from different musical backgrounds, who wanted more diversity, by searching for more band members to join their new band.
After trialing out different people, they came to the realization that the real fun and magic was when they were playing together, as a duo. There was no need to find any new band members, as their combination of pure energy, heavy riff, loop station and amazing drum skills, was all that was needed to create their band.
Once they had written up their firsts songs, ORDER OF THE MESS started to spread the word out, within the Cork Music Scene. They didn’t have to wait long, as on the 1st May 2014 they were invited to be the opening act for Hope is Noise, a well known band from Cork, at the Pavillion (Cork). After preforming a heavy and raw gig, the
band received a well-deserved feedback from Mike McGrath-Bryan – THINAIR.COM: “Cork/Italian lads The Order of the Mess‘ power-duo noise-rock assault. Their stuff on Soundcloud paints a rough but promising picture, that of a multifaceted, but bludgeoning weighty aural attack. They’re well-received here.”
Following their first gig and positive feedback, ORDER OF THE MESS decided to get more involved into the Music Scene in Cork. The audience experiences the bands unique energy and heavy rock, which keeps on evolving with every gig they play.

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