Tebi Rex X ELKIN – She Hated Love Songs II

In their latest music video they and fellow duo Elkin tackle the most iconic romantic moments in film and music history, taking take the message of the song one step further by creating a video that not only spoofs your favourite romantic comedies (featuring Taylor Swift, Heath Ledger, Ingrid Bergman, John Cusack and Humphrey Bogart) but also acts as social critique of a system that perpetuates unrealistic standards about what love looks and acts like. And they’re also fairly bitter and petty so there’s that too.
Love is quick, love is cruel. It is envious, it is boastful, and arrogant.
It dishonours those around you, it is self-serving, it is easily angered, it keeps all records of wrongs.
Love does not delight in what is pure but rejoices in all that is petty . 
 It always attacks, always faults, always chokes, always disappoints.

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