Got This Feeling (Remix) feat. Ryan O’Shaughnessy – 1000 Beasts

1000 Beasts is an alt-electro/alt-pop project that collaborates with different acts and artists (“The Beasts”) on every release. 1000 Beasts latest release features Irish actor & singer/songwriter Ryan O’Shaughnessy. Ryan featured on Britain’s Got Talent but “Got This Feeling” shows a brand-new side of Ryan.

“Got This Feeling” was originally a track written for Ryan’s 2016 album “Back to Square One” but 1000 Beasts & Ryan revisited the track, reworking it with an electro-chill feel, sending the song in a very different trajectory!

The concept behind 1000 Beasts is simple; one artist takes the incredible talent that surrounds him and nurtures collaborations to produce fresh music greater than the sum of its parts.

The creative behind 1000 Beasts, that’s “Cian”, is a well-established freelance musician, pianist and producer in his own right who has toured internationally. He likes to produce and write ideas while on the road taking inspiration he finds back to his hotel rooms late at night with nothing other than a laptop, small keyboard and headphones to confide in…oh and lots of cups of tea! Cian has recently worked with Jenny Greene & The RTE Concert Orchestra and…Phil Coulter!

1000 Beasts previous single “Wonderland” feat. Briony was called “less a classical project and more of an intriguing electro-pop one” by Nialler9

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