March 21st-25th  – 5 Night Residency at Vicar St, Dublin (all shows are sold-out)

May 6th – King John’s Castle, Limerick (sold-out)

June 15th – Live at the Marquee, Cork

1.Bell X1 Music In MouthTo celebrate 20 years together as a band, Bell X1 will take up a special residency with of 5 Nights at Vicar Street starting next Tuesday 21st March. Moving outdoors later in the year, the band will play Limerick in May and then Cork in June.

Each night at Vicar St will offer something different for the fans, with spotlights on certain albums and moments that have made Bell X1 one of Ireland’s most treasured bands.

Lots can happen over 20 years. While economies can collapse and rebuild. Lovers can lock eyes, walk down aisles and drop children to school gates. Under our noses, tastes undergo changes we may never understand and cherished silver can earn its tarnishing.

Live in 2018

Wed 21 March, Vicar St – Neither Am I 

Thu 22 March, Vicar St – Music In Mouth 

Fri 23 March, Vicar St –  Flock 

Sat 24 March, Vicar St – Greatest Hits 

Sun 25 March, Vicar St – Bell X1 Acoustic-ish 

Sun 6 May – King John’s Castle, Limerick (Greatest Hits)

Fri 15 June – Live at the Marquee, Cork (Greatest Hits)

Two decades later, they find themselves in a position even they could never have imagined. It is a unique territory in the Irish rock landscape – a household name, yes, but still keenly relevant and critically lauded. What’s more, Bell X1 remain restless and fidgety at a point in their career when most acts, should they dream of even hanging in that long, tend to narrow their field-of-vision and consolidate their legacy.

Bell X1 are Paul Noonan, Dave Geraghty & Dominic Philips.

“20 years! Jaysus! It’s kinda snuck up on us…..”Paul Noonan


Bell X1




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