Laura Whitmore Writes for Hot Press About The MeToo Movement

Laura Whitmore Writes for Hot Press About The MeToo Movement – and Her Own Experience of Sexual Mistreatment.

**The full, in-depth interview can be seen in the new Hot Press, in stores from Thursday, 12 April 2018.

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In a major article that runs over three pages of the magazine, the UK-based Irish broadcaster takes a stand on the issue of the abuse of women both in everyday life – and via the media. And she details her own experience of aggressive and threatening unwanted male attention. 

In the new issue of Hot Press, which hits the news stands tomorrow morning; Laura Whitmore has written an exclusive piece on the issue of the abuse of women and the importance of the MeToo movement.


The article is based on Laura’s own personal experiences, which she describes in powerful detail, for the first time. 

“My heart says now is the time to talk about this,” Laura tells Hot Press readers, “probably because personally I feel stronger and in a better position – and on a wider scale, the truth is that we’ve all had enough.”

The article sets out a series of deeply unpleasant and sometimes threatening experiences to which the Irish broadcaster, actor and model has been subjected during the course of her career – but also simply as a woman. It is a heart-felt and moving statement about the way in which far too many men over-step the mark, with results that are frequently ugly and offensive. 

“Last year I was in a club with my friends and I could feel a hand on the back of my leg,” she writes. “Initially I thought it was my boyfriend messing or a mate about to pinch my bottom – but the hand went under my skirt, between my legs, and firmly touched me. As I turned, I saw it was a guy who I did not know. He was laughing.”

The problem for women in general is that experiences like this are relatively commonplace. Which is why Laura insists, during the course of a finely written piece, that the routine abuse of women must stop. 

“Away from allegations of rape, and flawed judicial systems,” Laura reflects, “what has really hit me is how women are portrayed in general. All this shaming and degrading. In a sense, the ‘Me Too’ movement is just the tip of the iceberg.” 

She writes about her experiences during Strictly Come Dancing – which proved to be a desperately unhappy experience for her.

“I was thrown into the lion’s den,” she recalls, “and into the middle of someone’s break-up that had nothing to do with me. Once again, I was a ‘rumoured love interest’. 

“The media saw me as blonde bait in a sequined dress,” she adds. “How have we sunk to this situation, where women are routinely reduced, and demeaned, in this way? It is impossible to understand, when everything about it is so wrong, so misguided and so vile.”

She also describes scenes of harassment and expresses her anger at how male photographers look for so called ‘pants shots’ – at the expense of her and other women.

“I know that compared to many people I have been fortunate. I love this life and I’ve been blessed with wonderful opportunities – but I’ve had enough of being trivialised and gossiped about. Women are not playthings – either of men or of the media – and should not be treated as such.”

**The full, in-depth interview can be seen in the new Hot Press, in stores from Thursday, 12 April 2018.

The full article can be read on NOW 

The new Hot Press, available in shops or here: 

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