Donna Taggart – Jealous Of The Angels (Official Music Video)

The Extraordinary Story of Donna Taggart
Donna CD Cover-page0001Donna Taggart a 31 year old mother of two, from Omagh Northern Ireland has captured the attention of the world with her emotive online music video ‘Jealous of the Angels’. What has transpired in the following months has stunned the music industry and transformed the modest Irish Woman’s life.
While on maternity leave from her job in the NHS as a children’s autism therapist, she posted her music video for the song to Facebook, which has now been viewed over 150 million times. 
The Facebook video post has 2.8 million shares and 171 thousand comments to date. The popularity of the song seen it go to No. 1 in 8 different countries in the iTunes easy listening charts and led to a sold out multi-city debut tour in Ireland and has created huge demand for her to tour the US where the song was particularly popular and reached no. 42 in the us iTunes charts. Donna’s album also went to no. 1 in the U.S Billboards world catalogue album for three weeks. It has been a remarkable journey for the 31 year old particularly given that her meteoric rise has largely been achieved through social media and without a record label. 
This is an extraordinary success story and achievement for Donna who is an ordinary lady, wife and mother. She has funded her own albums over the last 8 years whilst working full time in NHS and raising her young two young children (Grace aged 4 and Matthew aged 2.).. Prior to Donna’s song going viral she had never headlined her own concert, now she is a sell out live performer across Ireland and the UK and will be visiting the States next year. 
Donna acknowledges that its been difficult to put into perspective the magnitude of her recent success which has completely transformed her life “A few months ago I was a busy mum on maternity leave from my job in the NHS. In the intervening months I’ve had a song chart to No. 1 in 8 different countries and sold out my debut tour to packed audiences, its been incredibly humbling and puts into perspective the power of music and that of social media. The song has a special resonance and connection with anyone including myself, who has lost someone they love. It is incredibly healing’.
The song written by Jenn Bostic, Zach Runquist and Jimmy Fortune has become an unofficial anthem for the bereaved. 


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