Sásta Fest for teenagers announced for Aug 18th

Sásta Fest for teenagers announced for Aug 18th on the shores of Lilliput, Lough Ennell, Co Wesmeath!

https://i1.wp.com/www.goodseedpr.com/wp-content/uploads/sa%CC%81stafest-8.jpgTo highlight World Mental Health Awareness Week – we announce a brand new Youth festival, Sásta, at the stunning picturesque location of Lilliput, Lough Ennell, Co Westmeath where the lake spans as far as the eye can see.

Sásta is a new one-day-festival which highlights mental health awareness to teenagers with an array of music, dance, visual arts, crafts, yoga & wellness, and group workshops for mental health and suicide prevention. The night will finish with a stunning laser light show with DJ John Gibbons (Rte 2fm) at the helm on centre stage. Other acts include Dj Justy (iRadio), Fallen Lights, Katie Gallagher, Good Man Shiela + more acts to be announced.

Activities will include Rock Climbing, Spider Mountain, The Inflatable City, Yoga, Face and Body Painting, Crafts Village and Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Workshops. Food & soft drinks will also be available on site from local vendors.

The festivals elements will examine the important issue of mental health from a variety of different angles – the festival will also feature an art interactive exhibition, which the teen festival goers can both look at and, if they are feeling brave, contribute to!

This one-day-festival’s main aim is to increase awareness of the vital issues of mental health and suicide prevention and to reduce the stigma surrounding them by opening up the conversation. It will be a fun, engaging day out for the teenagers of Ireland who can feel safe in a drug free, alcohol free environment with their peers, where conversations are open and creativity, exercise, activities, song and dance is enjoyed.



Aug 18th 2018 | 4.30pm – 11.30pm

Lilliput, Lough Ennell, Co Westmeath.

Tickets cost €23.50

Now Available at Eventbrite & Lilliput







*Sásta Festival will be situated on the grounds of Lilliput Adventure Centre, Lilliput, Lough Ennell, Co Westmeath:


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