Benny Gallagher (Gallagher and Lyle)
Patron at Upton Blues Festival

Roddie has unstintingly fought the corner of the Indie Artists ensuring that they have a platform for their music. It is so important during these times of X Factor style shows that the real “life blood” of music in all genres is shown the respect that it is due!


Jack Dublin
Musician, Song writer and producer

As a musician ( In Tua Nua, AudioKiss, The Shane Gang, The Guilty Party ) and director of AKM. I have done business with Roddie in the past. I have also been interviewed by Roddie when he worked at WLR and more recently on his show on KCLR. Roddie is a true professional and has a passion for music and also for the work he does. A passion which is unfortunately lacking in an industry that is purely driven by advertising revenue. He is a breath of fresh air in what has become a very uninspired and bland form of media.
I therefore highly recommend Roddie and hold him in high regard as a broadcaster of the utmost integrity.


Linda Coogan Byrne
Music Publicist & Supervisor. MD at Good Seed PR. Manager, Agent, Label Rep and Sync agent.

Roddie is passionate and honest in his approach to all elements of the Music Industry, both as a presenter and as a champion of Irish music. He is a stellar gent who has inspired me relentlessly in trying to get as much achieved for Irish musicians and bands as I can. In the early stages of my career, Roddie was a nurturing person who far exceeded his role as a dj onto the role as part mentor. He is in short: a legend and an integral component to the Irish Music Scene


Paul Byrne
Singer, Songwriter, drummer. at Paul Byrne

Roddie is always there when it matters for independent artists in Ireland. When I was promoting Von Shakes album ‘The Routine’ Roddie was the first of all the DJs to respond to my emails. he played their tracks got them to come in and play live on his show.

Roddie is a living legend in Irish Broadcasting.


Pete Courtney
Recording and Performing Artist and Creative Writer at Tonal Music

Roddie is the consummate professional with an intelligent eclectic taste in Arts and Music which helps him deliver on every project he chooses.

He is “Top of the Class” I would say !