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Birdwoman//Big Love (Official Music and Lyrics Video)

The song is the second release from her forthcoming debut album “And Then The Day Came” and is a departure from her previous work. For the first time she has shown her masterly ability to write a pure love song as well as her ear for a radio friendly melody. The music seamlessly transitions between the primarily acoustic verses and the grand sweeping choruses of strings and synthesisers, created, once again, by Simon Cullen, making the song feel both intimate yet epic. Interspersed are Birdwoman’s trademark splashes of humour, as she tells her love he’s the kind of man who “makes me want to surrender my stilettos” or “stop writing romantic folk songs”. Layered underneath everything are dreamlike soundscapes, tying the whole song nicely together.

An accompanying video completely created by Birdwoman has been released on Youtube that sees the love story play itself out in a beautifully hand crafted stop-motion collage format. The song is available to buy on Bandcamp, Itunes, Tidal and to listen on Spotify.