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Paradox (feat. Pete Mac) – All Life Matters (Music Video)

‘All Life Matters’ is the eagerly awaited follow up single from Irish based Alternative Rock band Paradox to their last album ‘Chapters’.
‘All Life Matters’ plays like a ballad while criticizing the current media climate. Singer Songwriter Pete Mac plays all instruments on the track with Brian Casey adding keys and piano. The video takes a sarcastic twisted view on social media and how today’s society is influenced by information received through this form of media.
Jota Gambuzino Photo and Video is behind all of the production and editing.

PARADOX – EAT (Music Video)

‘EAT’ is the third single from ‘Chapters’.
The track was initially inspired by the documentary Earthlings and focuses mainly on the treatment of animals in factory farms. The video is mostly based off the poultry industry and their standard industry practices. Cork Film producers Phoenix Pictures are behind the production of the video.