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iMS Playlist Sunday 21st August 2016


In studio: No Guest

Featured album/EP: ‘At Swim’ – Lisa Hannigan

Sunday 21st August 2016


8pm – 9pm

  Song title Artist Time
1 Jailbreak Courtesy Of  
2 Autopilot (Redlights EP) Exiles (Carlow/Kilkenny)  
3 Black Huarache The Klares  
4 The Most Beautiful Woman David Blaize  
5 Crazy Crazy Crazy August Wells  
6 Electric Strength In Numbers  
7 Believe Romes  
8 Hospital Heroes in Hiding  
9 Outremer Little Lion (Garrett Wall)  
10 We Met At a Party Apella  
11 Scars Able Archer  
12 Woodpecker Runabay  


9pm – 10pm

  Song title Artist Time
1 Fall

‘At Swim’

Lisa Hannigan

2 Lo  
3 Tender  
4 Control (‘Home’ album) Wallis Bird  
5 Daydreamer Winter Heart  
6 Are Your Stars Out Mark Stoermer  
7 Take My Hand Picture This  
8 Its Just a Skull Restive Nation  
9 Birds Fly The Flag Listeners  
10 She Saves Cronin  
11 A Song For While I’m Away Thin Lizzy  
12 Too Late Van Morrison  
13 Invitation Louis Stewart (RIP)