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We’ll Always Have Paris – The New 52

‘WE’LL ALWAYS HAVE PARIS’ is the new single from Dublin 4 piece The New 52.  Taken from their recently released EP ‘Green’, it features a vocal guest-spot from Sub Motion front woman Rebecca Geary.  ‘We’ll always have Paris’ showcases The New 52’s love of punchy, hook-laden indie rock.  It was written by singer Darragh Cullen and follows the story of 2 young lovers over the course of a night as their relationship goes awry.  The video was filmed during the EP launch gig in April, and it shows the band in their element; playing live.

We’ll always have Paris’ follows ‘Accidents & Emergencies’ the first single lifted from the EP in April which gained The New 52 airplay on 2XM, WLR FM, KCLRFM, 8Radio.com and stations across the country.  The five original songs on ‘Green’ tackle diverse topics ranging from highly personal narratives to international affairs and the new EP is a departure for Cullen, who after recording all the instruments solo on the debut album when he was just 15, has now joined in a collective effort with the other members of The New 52 for the first time on these recordings – with Cullen on guitar/vocals, Conor McLoughlin on guitar, Mikey Deasy on bass/vocals & Sean O’Connor on drums.  Rebecca Geary (Sub Motion singer) guests on backing vocals, on the songs ‘We’ll Always Have Paris’ & ‘Is There Revolution?’.  The EP is for sale now for €4.99 from iTunes & all streaming sites.

The ‘Green’ EP is their first new collection of songs released since the 2016 debut album ‘Let me sleep’.  Since then, The New 52 supported Blue Rose Code on a successful Irish tour and released 2 singles ‘Good Intentions’ and ‘I Am’ which reached Number 1 in the iTunes Rock Charts.

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iMS Playlist – Sunday 23rd October 2016


Featured album/EP: MORALITY, MORTALITY – Marc O’Reilly

Sunday 23rd Oct 2016


8pm – 9pm

1 Torrents Gypsies on the Autobahn  
2 Peace Love and Rock n Roll Francie Conway  
3 The Great Wall of America The Blades  
4 Bottom Line Ian Whitty & The Exchange  
5 One of the Good Ones Mick Flannery  
6 I Never Knew That I Was Anyone Paper Trail  
7 Fake Memory Bellx1  
8 Mandinka We Cut Corners  
9 The Few and Far Between Ports  
10 To The End Track Dogs  
11 Hot Tongue BP Fallon  
12 On The Downlow Jack O’Rourke  
13 Black Dahlia Aine Cahill  


9pm – 10pm

1 Graceland

28th October release

Morality, Mortality

Marc O’Reilly***

2 Secret  
3 Steal Love  
4 All The Things You’ve Done Barry McCormack  
5 The Greatest Show On Earth Darwins Daughter  
6 Every Time I See a River Van Morrison  
7 If Love Was Enough Hvmmingbird  
8 Prison Robes Carron  
9 Ghost The Riptide Movement  
10 Desert Road Propeller Palms  
11 Clap Both My Hands Brian Deady  
12 Turning The New 52  
13 Ambivalence Blues Windings