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MY New Year

I like Christmas. Not the commercial rubbish. (Spare me the “you MUST have this”.) I guess I’m lucky, in that I really have three people who I ‘have’ to get gifts for so there’s no real rushing about the place like a headless chicken. Christmas Day is usually spent catching up with family.

New Year is different – Not to fond of that and its not an age thing either. Even when I was a lot younger, the thoughts  of having to deal with masses of people, all out to try and impress each other, a mad crush at the bar to buy overpriced and warm beer which in all probability will end up being spilled as you try to negotiate your way back to your friends . Not that I begrudge anyone from enjoying themselves. No, New Year…… Its just not my thing.

VibeforPhilo_2016_header banner_OILMY new year starts on the 4th January.  By now you know what I’m on about, especially if you know me. I have been a fan of Philip Lynott and Thin Lizzy since I was a kid. The annual Vibe for Phil is now in it’s thirtieth year. Hard to fathom that that amount of time has passed since he died.

Yet, the 4th January is a very important date, especially in the diary of the dedicated supporter. For the majority, they come for the music. I was fortunate to have seen the original band many times, the first in 1972 when I had to sneak out to see them (I was 14). For many, this is the nearest they will get to the real deal and believe me when I say that some of the bands that have played the Vibe are astounding in their sound.

For a lot of others its about meeting up with people that we have come to know down the years and who share a common bond through Philips music. To an ‘outsider’ its a little difficult to explain but I am sure most reading with get it.

The sub-title this year is “the Sun Goes Down’ and it reminded me of a brave album that was released for the 25th anniversary by Swedish singer Joakim Amorell and his band “Courtesy of”. I say brave about anyone who makes an attempt to cover Philips music in a different way,as many of the songs are held in very high regard by the Thin Lizzy faithful and as such, you mess with them at your peril
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Joakim’s album took Philips songs and added orchestration which works, for the most part, on many of the songs he chose to record. Check out ‘Massacre’ and ‘Jailbreak’ in particular…..

So, even if you’re not a fan, throw on the greatest hits and raise a glass to Philip Lynott on Monday 4th January


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